Wednesday, August 5, 2009

WTF, Leanan?? Fire Kills Six Saudi Oil Workers...

What's this about? A bad day for Leanan, the Drum's Drumbeat editor? She's got the most tedious job in peak oil=(

Anyway, I've remarked about the lack of women in peak oil as proof that it's a doom day-based religion: religions with apocalyptic endings - i.e., Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc. - are male-dominated; pagan beliefs, dominated by female stature, have traditionally shown greater respect for life, greater tolerance for humanity. And isn't this just a coincidence(?): Leanan, one of peak's best known ladies, gets the tedious, but all-important job of hauling doomer feed to the pig trough for the doomers' daily tasting - all while her doomer buddies (big, boastful males) get the glory jobs of presenting "exciting" analysis, scenarios.

Plus, isn't it interesting, that, all the other doom-themed cults of recent memory - Y2K, Heavens' Gate, Jim Jones, etc. - are too male-dominated? So folks, if you want to find out if a cult is worth its merit in deadly prophecy, all you have to do is search for the priestesses in high places. Rare sightings probably means your life is safe; but such a clique, likely, is not a good place to get laid...

- Brewskie

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