Tuesday, February 3, 2009

U.S. Now the World's Biggest Wind Market

The U.S. is now the new king of wind energy; China is doing good, too. America, with 8.35 gigawatts of new capacity (almost as much as all of Europe added last year), usurped the previous title holder, Germany, with a total of 25.1 gigawatts of wind energy over 23.9 (Germany still obtains a higher percentage of its energy through wind).
From the article:
Global wind energy capacity surged by 28.8 percent in 2008, as the United States became the world's leading market, an industry survey showed Monday.

The Global Wind Energy Council said the US and China showed the strongest growth in wind energy as the global electric-generating capacity rose to 120.8 gigawatts at the end of 2008.

Wind power accounted for about 42 percent of the new power capacity last year in the United States and one-third in Asia.
China doubled its installed capacity by adding about 6.3 gigawatts, reaching a total of 12.2 gigawatts.
"The Chinese wind energy market is going from strength to strength, and has once again doubled in size compared to 2007, reaching over 12 GW of total installed capacity," said Shi Pengfei, vice president of the Chinese Wind Energy Association. "The outlook for the coming years is also very healthy."
At this rate, China would be well on its way to overtake Germany and Spain to reach second place in terms of total wind power capacity in 2010, the council said.
The total 2008 market for turbine installation is estimated to be worth $47.5 billion.
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