Thursday, May 21, 2009

Apology to AndrewRyan

Andrew, it's with regret that I'll be unable to write the second post on James Kunstler. I realize, with a second glance, the facts I have in the rough draft do not hold up, and do not warrant posting. While peakers have the luxury to ignore facts, Ghawar Guzzler does not. We're better than that.

- Brewskie


  1. Hey dude, no prob...though I must wonder what 'facts' didn't hold up? :) Kunstler is a disgrace. Anyways, keep up with the constant updates. We lost JD to a well deserved break and I've taken one as well, as my personal life got rather that doesn't leave much for the anti-doomers out there.

  2. James was one piece of the puzzle; the post was going to debunk a popular peaker belief - that the global economy is swirling down the toilet of doom and into the Great Depression II septic tank. While it's safe to say a second depression isn't going to happen, a bit of the article's research wasn't holding up, so the post has been scrapped for now.

    You and JD deserve your breaks. The peak crowd has been slammed on their asses thanks to the cheap oil tsunami, the natural gas glut, and ever improving technologies. They're regurgitating the same garbage now as they were five years ago, so there's nothing new. I'll continue debunking, but 90% of Ghawar Guzzler's work will remain the same: offering a glimpse of the future, offering hope, showing that the world’s energy needs are being resolved and that many people are working hard, not bickering .


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