Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Introducing Peakers' Hall of Shame

James Kunstler - I had a fist full of Zimbabwe Dollars ready to purchase a new Prius for fire sale prices - what happened to the Memorial Day blowout, where everything under the sun would be sold for liquidation? You lied to me; how could you?

Michael Ruppert - you proclaimed last year gold would be in the neighborhood of $2,000 by now - it's not even half way there. I trusted you, Ruppert... how could you fib to me?

It's with great delight that the folks of Ghawar Guzzler are please to announce the newest subsidiary: Peakers' Hall of Shame. This blog will be comprised of one post; it will consist of lackadaisical peaker quotes, mishap predictions, and idiotic mistakes. It will be updated periodically, so check in now and then.

Peakers may be quick to forget, but Ghawar Guzzler is not. Let's hold these folks accountable!

(Brewskie update: Okay, the space is being filled now. Check in from time-to-time.)

- Brewskie

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