Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Congragulations, Barrack!

It's nearly over - what a long eight years it has been. As impenitent as W. appeared initially, both him and his partner, Cheney, had rare one-in-a-million gifts for somehow breaking the barriers of stupidity. When you didn't think it could get any worse... Dubya and Cheney always pulled out their "Jordanesque magic," and performed an idiotic feat that defied possibilities. What a global embarrassment.

Today is your day, Barrack. As this is being written, about two hours remain before your swearing in. You have a lot of work to do, and thankfully, the country seems to understand the mess we're in, and is willing to lend some patience. Still, bad times are no excuse for incompetence: do you have your head wrapped around the economy, what you're going to do about it, how you're going to pay for it? Is such a large stimulus a good idea without a tax increase on the wealthy? Can you achieve large deficit spending - of which proposes to be a record - and in the future, cut it down to reasonable proportions, get the country's financial house in order and set it up for super surpluses?

There's no doubt you'll be a better leader than George. However, an ADDled cat would prove a better leader than this nimwit. You have a lot of work ahead of you, sir. The world is your audience today. Today is your day. Tomorrow you go to work... and we watch.

Best of luck,


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