Wednesday, April 22, 2009

California Proposes to Trash Energy-Sucking TVs

The man stoppin' ya from keeping up wit' da Kardashians? Good riddance! I've rarely watched television since high school, and it's been a most proper developmental stimulus since. I still own the same 13" set my parents gave to me in 8th grade - it came without a remote, it's not even cable-ready! I'd flunk operating TiVo, I'll upgrade to Blue Ray when my nephew's going digital download=)
Anywho, the strong arm of the law in California legislature is looking to toss out those high-sippin', energy-intensive clunkers (from stores, that is, not the family bear cave), and step-up requirements for models sold to be 50% more efficient:
The state is proposing rules that would require all television sets sold in California to use 50 percent less energy by 2013. If approved, they would start regulating TVs in January, 2011.

The Commission is facing strong opposition from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), which is afraid of the dent the regulations might put in plasma TV sales. Plasma displays can use up to 30 percent more energy per square inch than liquid crystal displays. Fortunately, plasma sets are a dying breed -- their dwindling numbers only account today for 10 percent of the market versus 77 percent for LCD sets. CRT sets are generally less efficient than LCD models as well.
The new regulations will also call for more power efficient digital video recorders, DVD players, and cable boxes. The Commission says that by 2013, enough power could be saved by the regulations to power 864,000 homes for a year.
California law-makers plan to catch Chef Ramsey beller-hollirin' first before voting on the legislature by summer's end.
- Brewskie

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