Tuesday, April 21, 2009

U.S. Offered to Suspend Iran Oil, Gas Sanctions in 2008

Woh... surprising news from the era of Cheney's hanging despotism....

The administration of former US president George W. Bush offered to dropoil and gas sanctions against Iran in the summer of 2008 in return for asix-week suspension of uranium enrichment, an offer that Tehran rejected, American-Iranian council president Hooshang Amirahmadi said Tuesday.

Amirahmadi, speaking at the Middle East Petroleum and Gas conference inDubai, said he was involved in the exchanges between Washington and Tehran. "The bottom line is that the US offered to suspend sanctions on oil andgas in return for Iran freezing uranium enrichment for six weeks," he said.

The offer was rejected by Tehran and the response to the US request for a"wish list" from the Iranian leadership was: "Leave us alone." Amirahmadi said when asked what type of sanctions the US was offering tosuspend that it applied to executive orders dating back to the Clinton era,which imposed a trade ban against Iran, including trade in oil and gas, andprohibiting US investment in Iran's energy

"No war. No peace."

- Brewskie

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