Thursday, July 16, 2009

Glenn Beck Has a Meltdown

Radio talk show host and Fox News resident idiot, Glenn Beck, had an episodic meltdown on his radio program yesterday. A confrontational female caller so vexed Glenn, he reduced himself to screaming at the caller, in a high-pitched fit, "GET OFF MY PHONE! GET OFF MY PHONE!" A recording of the episode can be found here.

Glenn Beck is truly something special. Who can forget his drug-induced haze when he had "butt surgery?"

Oh... and here's something interesting. Last year, during the height of peak oil hysteria, one dumb nut was interviewing a doomer dumb nut - James Kunstler, back when he was doing a book tour for "World Made by Hand."

Oh Rubert Murdoch, why didn't you buy the Oil Drum? It's reporting standards are no different from Fox News; it would have been a match made in heaven.

- Brewskie


  1. I gotta say I like your picture of Beck, he really does look like he's in a bad place psychologically, but Beck was just dong his schtick with the high pitched voice.

    As far as the merits, the caller was a program caller with an obvious agenda.

    Canada has long lines, England has long lines, and full fledged universal health care will bankrupt the country.

  2. Ghawar Guzzler: I love your blog, and I respect the fact that you don't seem to fit into any typical political type, such as liberal or conservative. I thnk you let the chips fall where they may. B Cole

  3. Anon,

    Ghawar Guzzler is an energy blog, not a political one. It's not the blogger's purpose to dictate people's political affiliations, or their thoughts on health care. This post wasn't aimed at health care; I just don't like Glenn Beck.

  4. And that is a personal & political opinion, being that Beck is a political figure (pundit).