Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Technology Worth its Weight in (Pre)Salt

A Bloomberg article on chewing up salt:

New technology may help companies exploring for oil in the so-called pre-salt area offshore Brazil, home to the largest crude find in the Americas in three decades, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co said.

Most seismic imaging bounces off salt because of its different properties, “meaning that geophysicists are effectively working blind below salt,” Neil McMahon, a London- based analyst at Bernstein, said in a report today. “Oil companies and seismic acquisition companies have started to develop a host of techniques to improve the situation.”


A lot of the challenges of finding and developing oil in the pre-salt, especially in Brazil, can be put down to rock characteristics, and not just the deepwater environment,” McMahon said. Developments including Petroleum Geo-Services ASA’s GeoStreamer technology may help, the analyst said. That company later this year plans to publish the results of a GeoStreamer survey carried out offshore Brazil, according to McMahon.

“We continue to believe that the exploration in the pre- salt in Brazil is not over,” McMahon said. “The complexity of the geology is becoming a key issue and more wells will be required to complete the pre-salt picture.”

- Brewskie

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