Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Halifax Finds Addidtional Shale G... Zzzzz....

Hmm? Oh yeah... Halifax found load boats more shale gas in southern New Brunswick - making the gas reserves much larger than previously thought. Shale gas... 'bout as exciting as seeing a sparrow now days (kidding;))

Shares in a Halifax junior exploration company went up Friday with news that the company’s discovery of shale gas in southern New Brunswick is much larger than originally believed.

Corridor Resources Inc. announced that an independent study carried out in June estimates that 67.3 trillion cubic feet of shale gas is contained at Frederick Brook in the Sussex/Elgin sub-basins.

This is three times the volume expected, according to an analyst’s report.
Shares in Corridor Resources were up 49 cents, or by 20 per cent, in late afternoon trading at $2.89 on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

- Brewskie

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