Thursday, July 16, 2009

China Has More Electric Bikes Than Germany Has People

Next Big Future has this interesting bit: China has 100 million bikes - that's 27 million fewer than Japan's population. China's new car sales now exceeds America's; how long will it be before its electric bike "population" surpasses that of the Rising Sun?

Take a gander at this excerpt:

Last year (2008) Chinese bought about 90% of the 23 million e-bikes sold worldwide. Experts say that next regions to likely embrace e-bikes are Southeast Asia, where gas-powered scooters are popular, and India, where rising incomes mean personal transportation is starting to be in reach of hundreds of millions. Japan has seen steady annual sales of about 300,000 for several years, and in the cycle-crazy Netherlands e-bikes are beginning to take off. In the U.S., where bikes are still overwhelmingly used for recreation rather than transportation, e-bike sales are expected to break 200,000 this year, or about 1% of China's sales.

They constituted 90% of worldwide e-bike sales? Our sales constitute 1% of China's? Geesh, thunder thighs, put down the Pringles and get your fat ass in shape.

Here's a description of the typical e-bike sold in China:

  • Typical e-bikes in China have 100 km on a full charge.

  • Official top speed is 12mph but many go 30 mph.

  • Typical e-bikes in China cost 2000 RMB (USD290).

  • In 2006 there were 2,700 licensed manufacturers, and countless additional smaller shops.

  • Leading manufacturer Xinri makes 1.6 million e-bikes per year.

Here is a description of the Aston Martin of e-bikes, the ErockIT. 50 mph can be yours for only $39,000.

- Brewskie

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