Wednesday, March 11, 2009

AT&T Plans to Get 8,000 Natural Gas Vehicle Battalion

(Note: won't let me put an "&" in AT&T in the lables section, so I didn't include AT&T.)

This bit from physorg.:

AT&T Inc. said Wednesday it will spend up to $350 million over five years to buy more than 8,000 Ford Motor Co. vans and trucks, then convert them to run on compressed natural gas.


The company said it will spend the money over five years. While AT&T will buy the chassis from Ford, it has not yet selected a vendor to perform the conversion to natural gas, AT&T pokesman Fletcher Cook said.

The vehicles will be used by technicians who perform installations and
maintain the telecommunications network, Cook said. The company will build 40
natural-gas filling stations to keep them rolling.


AT&T will also spend $215 million over 10 years to replace 7,100 passenger cars with hybrids, and eventually cars powered by other fuel sources, it said.

- Brewskie

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