Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Laser Gun Show Coming to a Battlefield Near You

(Note: Ghawar Guzzler does not endorse war itself, the lives it sacrifices, the current Iraqi War, nor the monumental sums of money invested by the United States to maintain its "military-industrial complex." A lot of time, money, resources, man power and stupidity gets invested in the preparation and fighting of wars; it seems humankind could do much better investing the same money, energy and resources into more constructive things... like energy! Could anyone imagine how Europe would have turned out, if its countless alliances hadn't churned out WWI?)

Northrop Grumman efforts to bring Star Wars to the slaughtered masses:
In tests, it fired a 105-kilowatt beam - enough to destroy rockets, mortars and artillery shells - at a stationary target for 5 minutes. Unlike weapons such as Boeing's huge Airborne Laser, which burns chemical fuel, the solid-state laser consists of semiconductors that emit light when a voltage is applied. This makes them much smaller, allowing them to fit on the back of a "ruggedised" truck. They can also run on electricity from a diesel generator.

The laser weapon will ultimately pinpoint, track and destroy a rocket up to a couple of kilometres away, claims Northrop Grumman.
- Brewskie

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