Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Oil Drum: Four Years in the Desert

Today marks the 4th birthday of the Oil Drum. From Prof. Goose:

Dear readers, today marks the 4th full of year of the existence of The Oil 'Drum.
Our durability is because of you, the readers. We wouldn't—couldn't’t—do this if we didn't think people were listening, helping us spread the word, and participating in and advancing the conversation. So, I offer you, our readers, a sincere thank you from all of our staff.

Their durability is because an army of morons are IV'd to the Drum for daily tasting, laconically nodding their space-monkey minds like Limbaugh dittoheads.

Prof. Goose acknowledges a recent peak-and-decline:

In our fourth year, we’ve almost doubled our historical number of visits from 9.7M to 17.1M and historical unique views from 23.6M to 39.6M. While the traffic to TOD has waned a bit of late with the decline in the price of oil, the upward traffic trendline still holds.

Typical Orwellian-doublespeak from the Drum troglodytes. Always report rosy forecasts though numbers are down; periodically change peak dates, but never admit to the Nazi-zombie masses your previous blowups. Your word is golden; it feel like soothing god-breeze from Hitler's mouth.

I should remake Ghawar Guzzler into a James Bondesque site, a blog devoted to spying on the Oil Drum. I'll call it, "You Can Never be Wrong Twice."

Lookin' forward to being a pain in the ass, peaktards.

- Brewskie


  1. I wonder if anybody finances TOD. Like oil funds, traders, even oil exporters. They could finance TOD indirectly, by giving grants to study this or that, or hiring PR firms that funnel money to TOD. There is something smelly about TOD. They also censor commenters. B Cole
    Great posts as usual....

  2. "Big" B Cole,

    Ha! Ha! Did the Ministry of Propaganda’s watchful eye burn you? Have you received the high honor - getting booted from the Drum? Oh, the indignity!

    The Oil Drum is technically a blog. It started off on the Blogger platform with two writers. Today, it resides on Drupal and has thirty-five contributors, as well as guest posts. It currently doesn't accept advertisements; it's not clear who or what funds the Drum, but it may get some form of kickback somewhere...

  3. I and several others. They really, really do not like anyone to talk about a long-term glut in oil......B Cole

  4. The truth hurts with Nazis. Freedom of speech is better tolerated on debunker sites, but a "Drum boot" is a badge of honor well deserved.