Sunday, March 15, 2009

Updates for 3/15/09

New fields for the Hindu cattle to chew on...

Over and out for now.

- Brewskie


  1. The biggest gas field of all time, USA. Yeah, tell me about Peak Oil. Waa-waa. T Boone says we can run 18-wheelers on natural gas, and I am beginning to think he has a point (even if greed motivates him).
    B Cole
    loved the latest post about nanocapacitators. Man, what a world lies ahead. Clean air in cities? Amazing!

  2. B Cole,

    Here's a bit about biomethane from cow manure used to run semis.

    T. Boone has a shady past and he's no doubt infected with "Mr. Burns Disease;" but he probably has some good intentions, along with greedy ones, on reducing America's dependency on foreign oil; and about 1/3rd of the oil we use goes into running diesel vehicles and machinery - semi trucks, trains and buses.

    Since nat. gas is abundant and will become increasingly so, since it's considerably cleaner, it makes sense to use our abundant resources to cut our oil imports. Would we rather buy oil from despotic regimes, or purchase it from lands with unpardonable environmental sins (i.e., Canada's Alberta)?

    His water grab is a concern, though.