Friday, June 26, 2009

$500 Million Green Jobs Grants Opened for Bidding

$500 million of Recovery Act funds are now up for grabs in efforts to retool America's economy, to revamp its energy creation and energy infrastructure (link):

About $150 million in grants are earmarked for green job training programs that provide “pathways out of poverty,” and a portion of some $290 million in grants will go toward efforts to retrain workers from the hard-hit auto industry."

These grants are an essential first step towards not just building America's clean energy economy, but making sure that every community gets to enjoy the benefits of that economy," Green For All CEO Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins said in a statement provided to

The $500 million has been designated for the following areas:

  • $150 million in Pathways Out of Poverty Grants. Eligible applicants include national nonprofit organizations that have networks of local affiliates and other partners and local entities.

  • $100 million in Energy Training Partnership Grants for programs that will serve workers affected by national energy and environmental policy, workers who need training to update or transition their skills and the unemployed. An unspecified portion of the funds are for projects that serve communities left stranded by the foundering auto industry.

  • $190 million in State Energy Sector Partnership and Training Grants for state workforce investment boards that are working with their state governors to devise a strategy that aligns a workforce vision with state energy policy and green job training on local and regional levels. A portion of this money also will be reserved for communities affected by the auto industry meltdown.

  • $50 million to state employment agencies to compile labor market data on the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries -- not only to build an information base, but also to support jobseekers who want to pursue work in green industries.

  • $5 million in Green Capacity Building Grants to enable organizations to provide training for entry-level or gateway positions.

Information about grants, eligibility and application deadlines can be found at the U.S. Department of Labor Employment & Training Administration's website, and at

In other green job news, Oregon - a state blindsided by unemployment - saw its green jobs grow seven times faster than other jobs.

- Brewskie

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