Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Robert Rapier Offers Optimistic Appraisal of Shale Gas

(Note: I decided to edit out the somewhat snarky tone and give more better props to Robert. Although Robert possesses a doomer-slant and he is slow to admit good news, he's unlike the obdurate morons of the peak oil community; he's an intelligent, hardworking and talented individual who's record speaks for itself; he's been known to go against heavyweights like Ken Deffeyes, or the flow of the peak oil community. Though his stance on shale gas is overdue, the fact he's come around merits respect - unlike Matthew Simmons who is still convinced "we're heading off the cliff.")

(Hat tip: Peak Oil Debunked)

I like Robert Rapier, I think he's one of the Drum's better writers and makes some interesting points; however, I still find he has a rather strong doomer-slant, and he's a bit slow towards accepting good news. However, Robert, after what seemed to be eons, finally came around to see the light on shale gas: "that we have enough natural gas available that civilization isn't going to end any time soon due to lack of energy supplies."

Time is getting short and I only had time to skim through the blog. I just thought it was interesting to point out=)

- Brewskie


  1. Robert Rapier was a long time coming to his natural gas post, but he did write it and give credit where credit is due.
    I think we are entering a tough time for doomers: They have staked their reputations on doom. They have said unless extraordinary measures are taken we are all doomed. Or just doomed, no matter what we do.
    It is becoming obvious not only are we not doomed, but that there are tremendous opps. out there for a better lifestyle than ever. Cleaner air, quieter streets with PHEVs and CNGs.
    All doomers can do now is try to knock down the unfolding options...
    I an agnostic when it comes to AGW. But it occurs to me that Al Gore is now trapped. Even if new evidence emerges that global warming is not that serious, he must relentlessly attack. Otherwise, he is admitting that he was a Chicken Little.
    Doomers only have two choices now: Be little Chicken Littles, or become even bigger Chicken Littles.
    B. Cole

  2. Robert is a good guy, he's intelligent and he makes many noteworthy comments - both for and against peak oil -; sometimes, he's just a tad slow at conceding others' viewpoints, though he will do it from time-to-time - unlike the other hardnose morons in the community. The fact he came around on shale gas dons credit worthy merit and respect.

    Interesting observation on doomers. Matthew Simmons not only devoted his reputation to "dommerism;" he banked an ego the size of his fortune on it. As mentioned in the edited update of the post: he STILL believes we're heading for natural gas Armageddon.