Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Honda Planning Two More Cheap Hybrids

Honda is planning to roll out two more gas-electric hybrids - both cheaper than the current Insight:

With news coming in that Honda isn't selling nearly as many Insight hybrids in the U.S. as it would like, it would seem the Japanese automaker could go one of a few different directions. It's possible that Honda could reverse course on hybrids and focus instead on incremental improvements to its already excellent line of internal combustion engines. Alternatively, Honda could double down on its hybrid program and commit to more models and development. It's this latter path that the automaker seems to favor.

According to a report in the Asahi Shimbun newspaper in Japan (via Green Car Advisor), Honda President Takeo Fukui says the automaker is working on two new hybrids that would cost less than the Insight's already low $19,800 starting price. We've already heard about the planned Fit Hybrid, but we'd be a bit surprised if the second low-cost model were the upcoming CR-Z hybrid hatchback, which is expected to join Honda's lineup as a 2011 model.

- Brewskie

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