Thursday, June 11, 2009

Texas to Gain America's Biggest Solar Power Facility

(Hat tip: the always wonderful Big Gave of Peak Energy)

Texas has big steers, big SUVs, big McMansions, big butts, big DQ's, big BBQ. They also have big wind and now Austin has big solar, too.

Texas is famous for having the biggest of everything, from the biggest capitol in the nation, to the largest population of livestock cattle. And while one may not immediately think of Texas as a green state, that will soon change, as Gemini Solar Development has been selected by Austin Energy to install the United States’ largest solar power facility. A green Texas? Why not!

The array will be owned by San Francisco-based company Gemini Solar evelopment, which will lease the plant to Austin Energy. 30 megawatts is the amount of power that will be produced by the United States’ largest solar array - enough power for about 5,000 homes, and around double the output of the current largest solar array in the US. The array will be located in a 300 acre site at Webberville, which is owned by Austin Energy, the city’s electric company.

The plant is being installed as part of the city’s plan to increase its use of renewables by 30 percent in the year 2030.

- Brewskie


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