Wednesday, June 10, 2009

PA to Force Companies to Expose More Gas Data

In a follow-up to a previous story, the Pennsylvania Senate passed a bill that will ensure gas companies drilling the Marcellus Shale will disclose data publicly. The aim of this is to use production results, and encourage other companies to ponder the Marcellus (link).

A bill that would require faster disclosure about production results from wells drilled on the potentially lucrative Marcellus Shale gas formation in Pennsylvania is on the move.

The state Senate on Monday passed the bill unanimously and sent it to the House of
Representatives for consideration.

Under the bill, companies would have to report well-specific production to the state twice a year. Those reports would then be made public.

Current law prevents the state from releasing that data for five years, putting Pennsylvania out of step with the nation's biggest gas-producing states.

Advocates of the bill say revealing the information sooner will assure people that the industry is above-board and encourage other drilling companies to invest in Pennsylvania.

- Brewskie

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  1. As a native of central PA, where this drilling is occuring, I've been following this for quite a while. We Pennsylvanians love our pristine outdoors and I know they won't put up for polluting it. Hopefully these gas companies learn that soon or they'll have a very bmpy road.