Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The King's Latest Presentation

I was scoping out the Oil Drum and found a link to Matthew Simmons's latest slide-show presentation, Two Energy Oxymorons: 1. Energy Independence 2. Energy Security. I didn't have much time to check it out, but here's a few things I found while skimming through it:

  • Oil defiantly peaked in 2005 (some things never change; I think his reputation peaked in 2005).

  • Shale gas won't save us; gas production still going down.

  • UN dead wrong: world population will soar past 2050 expectations (Freddy Hutter pointed this out earlier).

  • We're screwed! Oil production is going to fall off of a cliff, so is gas, the world's population is going to soar past anything meager oil production is going to sustain. Therefore... it's completely imperative to divert mountainous supplies of cash and resources to rebuild the oil industry's infrastructure! (Yeseriee, the King of Peak's twisted and contradictory logic is becoming eerily more Wacko Jacko.)

That's just a few tid bits. I'll try to scope through it more when I get the time.

- Brewskie

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