Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Get a Smart Car for $99 a Month

Not that anyone would want to be inside one of these tin cans in a wreck (of course nobody would want to wipe out on a motorcycle at 70 mph, either), but thanks to generous incentives, it's now possible to purchase one of these little buzz bombs at $99 a month:

smart USA will allow qualified consumers using the federal rebate to purchase a new smart fortwo for as low $99 a month. The smart fortwo will qualify for the highest voucher level of $4,500 upon the trade in of an eligible vehicle. This special financing was designed to provide an additional monetary incentive for consumers to replace older vehicles that guzzle fuel and emit high levels of greenhouse gasses with new, highly efficient ones like the smart fortwo. It will launch later this summer when the rebate system officially takes effect.

- Brewskie

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